We got Wood! and I am Oak kay with it!

So right before Christmas, we finally got around to ordering the hardwood flooring for the other side. We did lots of research and knew we wanted Oak. Since we are spoiled and got an amazing deal on the Reclaimed Quarter-Sawn Oak  in wide plank  from 7″ to 10″ through a local auction company, we first tried that to find some more similar wood through the same auction route but of course, nothing.

Next Up, local flooring companies and Lumber Liquidators. We had to have real wood – not laminate or pre-finished. We wanted to stain the same color (Golden Oak) to match existing floor we put down the year before. Choices seemed to be limited and most stores carried mainly pre-finished.

We finally decided!!! We figured the 5″ Utility Grade Oak Hardwood Flooring – would be perfect. We absolutely love a more rustic looking flooring and love the different characteristics of knots and wood grain. So we were set right! Haha Of Course Not! The universe loves to through us curve balls.

So the salesman at Lumber Liquidators did not seem to want to sell us the Utility Grade Flooring. He commented on how much more difficult it is to install, the quality and then lastly the lead time and delivery time to receive it. He said “One guy waited over 3 months to receive his order”. I’m not sure if he really didn’t want to sell it to us or if this was the truth. We placed the order anyway knowing we could cancel for a full refund at any time.

The search is still not over. I, of course, went home and found another Mill that would sell me the same type of 5″ Utility Grade Oak Hardwood Flooring. The cost was lower than Lumber Liquidators but I had to pay for shipping from Florida. So it worked out to be basically the same, paid $123 more to have it in a week rather than then the maybe”over 3 months”.

So Here it is! In all its glory! My 5″ Utility Grade Oak Hardwood Flooring!

New Hardwood Flooring

Goodbye Ugly Gross Carpet with your freying seams!

Gross Carpet
Goodbye horrible chipped kitchen tile floor!
Hello New Hardwood Flooring! Let the acclimation begin. The Mill recommended letting wood acclimate to the room temperature and humidity for between 5 and 10 days.

hardwood acclimating

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