Homemade Vegetable Broth

Tomorrow is the big day! The first day of the 3 day pre-cleanse. I’ve been trying to ease into it making a few changes before it begins. Today I started with a big glass of Green Juice (typical kale, cucumber, apple, lemon, celery juice plus a few carrots) and I had a huge bowl of juicer pulp left.

So today, in prep for the cleanse which I will be making a smoothies, juices, and soups for breakfast and dinner, I decided to use leftover pulp and make a broth.

I filled a big pot with filtered water, added in the juicer pulp. Let the water boil, then simmered on low for an hour.broth_cooking

Strained it…


and then i got this.


Pure Natural – no sodium added Veggie Broth – YUM! Now I have a little stock pile of broth to add into my cleanse soups.

homemade veggie broth

New Year Cleanse

I have to admit I am so very excited. My Husband and I will be starting the Clean Cleanse by Dr Junger on Wednesday. I’ve spent the last week preparing. When I say preparing, I mean eating all the “bad” food I am not supposed to eat while on the cleanse.  I also ordered some supplements and vitamins recommended for the cleanse.

The basis of the cleanse is too eliminate all known foods that people are commonly allergic too such as gluten and dairy. Its also cutting out caffeine, sugar, and all processed foods. We are planning on the full 21 day cleanse. I am optimistic right now. Seriously I can do 21 Days! I can drink water, take supplements, eat right, juice veggies.  I can do it! (As I burp up Oregano from my daily dose of concentrated oregano).

Lets hope – I stay as optimistic and positive when the cleanse begins…

Happy New Year! Fresh Beginnings!

2013 was such an amazing year! Like every year it was filled with highs and lows but it ended on a high, We are starting 2014 with a bang!

I casually mentioned a little master bedroom remodel I’ve been thinking about to my husband on new years eve, knowing he’d be home a lot for the holiday break. He agreed without complaining and off to Home Depot he went with his special assistant (Quinn) to get all the supplies needed to update our master bedroom (which has become storage for everything in the house without a home).

So, New Year’s Day began with some family chiropractic adjustments followed by a “board and batten” look to the hideous chair moldings the former owners installed in the master bedroom. The list of items we scratch our head over of why the old owners did this is mighty long but this one I could not live with any longer. A few months back one of my favorite blogs young house love did the board and batten look to their hallway and I fell in love. I knew this had to happen in our master bedroom to give the floating chair rail a home and a place (besides looking awkward).

Here are some before photos of my yucky master bedroom. I am not quite ready for the after photo reveal. I still have a few more touch ups to the heater before I can move the furniture back in place for proper “reveal” photos.

IMG_7598 IMG_7599