Thanks for stopping by…I blog about my oh-so-crazy life, 2 nutty kids, entire house remodel (that I have been living through for umm 3 years now), my crafty attempts, cooking skills, and my attempt to live as healthy as I have time and money for. I am sure there is more but you will just have to follow me and see what craziness I can come up with.

So Lets start at the Beginning – My Name is Jill. I have 2 Kids (Boy and Girl), Hunter, who is 5 and Quinn is 3. We live in Northern New Jersey and have owned our home since 2007.  Our major home remodel began in 2010 just before my daughter was born. Since then we have went room by room, renovating, decorating and living in each room.  Our renovation is about 60% complete. I am working on a Floor plan and room by room reveal but I am a blogging newbie. Its been in my bones for years and I have decided – 2014 is my year! It is ALL happening! This blog will come to life if it kills me. I need to document all of my projects for myself and for all of you.

I have been so inspired by so many bloggers for years. I hope that some of what I do can inspire someone too.

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